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The two main functions of any package are to contain and to protect a product.   In addition, at Induservi we have understood that a package communicates, therefore we have joined with top package manufacturers in order to attend hygiene personal care industry .

Currently we have the following:

  • Injected box tub for wipes.
  • Wipes canisters.
  • Injected lids for packages.
  • PE film for packages.
  • PET lids for packages.
  • Injected packages:

Generally speaking, plastic injection is a process where a determinated polymer is melted in a cavity with an specific design (which is named mold).   It is an ideal process to handle a large amount of units, due to its low variation.

  • For the wipes business, the Company currently supply single (PP) or double (PP + silicon rubber) injected products; these packages have two parts: tub and lid.   We are able to offer “inmold injection” for the tub, which increase the added value of the product for its aesthetic.

Figure from: Shine Plastics.

  • Extruded films:

For single diaper, single sanitary napkins and pany-liners packing, we supply PE film with or without color printing; this film protects the product and provide information about it.

Mentioned films come from an extrusion process, which take PE melted chips and drive them into a die.   The film that comes out from it, go through a set of rolls that press it and push it to get the expected thickness.   The film is then printed if needed.

Figure from: Xinle Huabao.

  • PET lids.

These lids are semi-rigid and are designed to be more resistant than regular flexible stickers.   They are manufactured in PET and are generally transparent; this allow the customer to see the graphic design of the package.

  • Injected packages:

As said before, injected packages can include “inmold labels” with customer’s image.  If this options is not taken, then the finish will be shinny.

  • Extruded films:

We can offer plain, microembossed and embossed film with different levels of corona treatment and friction coefficient.

  • PET lids:

Plain and transparent.

  • Injection: PP generally.
  • Films: PE.
  • PET lids: PET.

Since packages are customized, we require basic information from our customers to make a quote.

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